Easter Treasure Hunt - Instant Digital Download - DIY kids activity

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Instantly download a Fun Easter Hunt pack for kids.

Use the provided clues to lead participants from one location to another.  Use as many or as little of the clues as you like and you can even mix and match the clues using different codes.

Included in your download is the chance to create your own code and to practice decoding and encoding various messages using the x3 codes provided.

A fabulous fun Easter family activity

The digital download provides all you need to set up your hunt.  You will need a printer, paper and scissors. You don't need any locks, envelopes or special equipment

Please note we have reduced the graphics on the download to ensure not too much ink is used when printing.  Please also only print those pages you need (the instructions do not need to be printed)

This printable game is ideal for ages 7+.  This is only our recommendation and younger players may also join in with some supervision.

The game lasts approximately 30-45 minutes based on player's experience and skills